Herbal Remedies

The first visit is an in-depth analysis of your symptoms, past medical history, family history, habits, and diet. You will be asked many questions which, may have never been dealt with such as

  • Factors that play a role in your health and wellbeing

  • Barriers to achieving optimal health

  • Underlying mental-emotional symptoms exacerbating your physicality

In a one-on-one consultation your naturopath will perform some diagnostic physical exams (blood pressure, nail and tongue analysis, iridology and dark field microscopy) also will look over any labs from past practitioners that you may have brought to get a better picture of your current state of wellness.

Once the necessary informations are gathered you will be provided with a personalised and individualised treatment plan which, will included a tailored recommended diet



Follow-up visits usually comprise of checking on the efficacy of the last treatment plan in the last visit. Your Naturopath will analyse any lab results and may change treatment to better align your treatment towards wellness.

Some diagnostic physical exams may be performed to assess efficacy of the last treatment plan.

Modified treatment plans will be prescribed at the end of the follow-up visit.


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