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Start of NatureAid

NatureAid was established in 2019 from the notion of providing a service that doesn’t only treat the underlying cause of everyday health issues in our hectic everyday life styles but also educating individuals about their body and associated symptoms.

As a Naturopath I often witness people seek to replace natural medicine with pharmaceutical products. rather than natural medicine for a faster relief of restoring their health, unaware of the side effects and further implications that they may face in the future. It’s the naturopaths  responsibility to make the patient aware of  the correct ways of achieving an imperishable health without dealing with future complications. 


Unlike conventional medicine, medications and supplements, FOODS have synergic effect and hence, greater outcome.


As Hippocrates once said ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’


We are the product of what we eat and any disequilibrium is bound to affect other systems in the body as they all work collaboratively.


Each case is studied, investigated and analysed individually customised to target the specific needs of the patient in line with their age, life styles and diets who may have special needs in order to obtain the best result.


Through your commitment and our expertise at NatureAid, we will find a solution to your health issues using natural medicine as a remedy which will improve your life style and contribute to your everlasting health.

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